Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Choosing the product

The purchaser has a possibility to choose and order from the online shops goods offered for sale. By clicking on  the product the further description  will be available to see. You must add any of the products  you  wish to purchase to your shopping cart by clicking the  the ’’shopping cart’’  sign. By selecting the shopping carts „view ” button  you have the opportunity of identifying,  whether the items placed  in the shopping cart are correct , also the total amount  payable and the delivery charge will be visible. There you can identify wether  you made any input error, please check the correctness of prices and quantity too,  you may correct those input errors before placing your order by editing the shopping cart and updating your changes. In case of editing the shopping cart, the system shall  automatically correct the total amount payable.

Placing an order

If you find the quantity of the products correct and you checked the total amount payable, and made your mind up to purchase the products, than please proceed to the checkout by pressing the „checkout ” button. As a customer you  have  options to choose from, if you would like to purchase as new customer without registering, or as a new customer with registration, or as an already registered custumer.

 If you are an existing customer, you must enter your login details. If you would like to register as a new customer you must create an account with us and log in,  the system will store your details and in case of a future purchase you can enter the site by only logging in. In case of a purchase with registration, please enter your invoice and delivery details.

If you are happy with the content of your order please proceed to the checkout, by pressing the „Order ” button.


Prices for products are quoted on our website, they are valid at the time of the order. The prices does not include the delivery charges. The delivery charges can be found during the checkout  process, prior finalising the purchase. The website  contains a number of products and its always possible that some of the prices or products on the website may be incorrect, the website may contain an error or deficiency regarding products and prices, in such cases we  reserve the right to make corrections.  In such case after recognising and modifying the error, we immediately inform the customer regarding the new data.  In this case the customer is required to reaffirm  the order, or there is a  possibility for either or the parties to withraw from the contract.

Order processing

Orders will be processed within 24 hours. 

Data-entry errors can be corrected prior pressing the „Order” button.



Regarding every order we will send a confirmation email. Once we have received your order through our site, we will send you an email to the email address that you have provided to us acknowledging  the receipt of the order. Later on we will send another confirmation containing the shipping informations and stating the expected delivery date.

Product return policy

Products can be returned only in original packaging in original condition, qualitatively  and quantitatively in complete form. When returning the products Ferrofauna S.R.O. will refound  the purchase price, the  delivery charge will be covered at  the returner’s expense. We will not issue any refounds for returns that do not satisfy all of the return conditions!